9 Out Of 10 Viewers Couldn’t Answer This Question! But Can You?

The Tricky Brain-Teaser

The makers of this challenge are simply asking you to pay some close attention to the following math riddle’s wordings and then go about answering it to absolute perfection. Sounds simply right, but wait, there’s a twist and only those with sharp minds and sharp eyes would be able to pick up on it!

So, let the mind challenge begin! Good luck!

The Correct Answer

By now, we hope you’ve managed to settle down with the correct answer! And in case you didn’t, well, let’s give you a final chance. Please re-read and then make your selection before taking a peek. Come on, we know you’ve got it in you to solve this.

Alright, the correct answer to this puzzle is there are a total of 63 people. Read below for a detailed explanation.

Well, the puzzle says that 7 men have 7 wives so that means all the men have one wife each. So, that makes it 7+7 which is 14. Now, each wife has 7 kids, so 7×7 is 49. Now, simply add the total together and you’ll get 14+49=63. Wow, wasn’t too bad after all.

How did you do?

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