90% Of People Couldn’t See The Error In This Picture! But Can You?

Today, we have a very special eye test waiting for you. To pass it in record time, you will have to use all of your wit and focus.

Let’s get straight to the first challenge. Take a close look at the image below and try to spot a big error in less than 15 seconds!

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Did you notice anything unusual in the picture? Did anything stand out from the rest?

The image shows a young boy reading a book while his cat is keeping a close eye on him. It appears that the child loves to read since there are stacks of books all around him.

But where is the mistake that we’re talking about? Look again and you might just find it!

Here’s a bit of help from our side if you’re still confused. The error doesn’t concern the boy, the cat, or the books they’re taking care of.

Look at the surrounding object, particularly the one that tells time, and you might just crack this puzzle!

©Bright Side

As you can see, the numbers 3 and 8 have been switched on the clock hanging on the wall! Did you spot this mistake?

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