A Mom Has Given Birth To Her Third Consecutive Twin, Meaning She’s Had Six Babies In Five Years

A Mom Has Given Birth To Her Third Consecutive Twin, Meaning She’s Had Six Babies In Five Years

Jolene says she has an overactive uterus and she drops two eggs at the same time

A mother has given birth to her third consecutive set of twins meaning she’s had six babies in five years.

Jolene Mckee, 32, and her husband Andrew, 33, from Brooklyn, New York, welcomed their third set of twins, Aiden and Jaiden, three months ago.

The mother-of-six says it has been a blessing to get six children from three pregnancies and since twins are all that they know, she has felt more like a pro each time.

Jolene and Andrew now have Peyton and Paige, five, Abigail and Andrew, three, and the newest additions, Aiden and Jaiden. They are all fraternal (non-identical) twins.

The mum-of-six says it has been a blessing to have six children from three pregnancies.

Front to back: Andrew, with new siblings Aiden and Jaiden accompanied by twin sister Abigail and older twins Payton and Paige

“Before I fell pregnant with the eldest set of twins, Peyton and Paige, I had previously suffered a miscarriage and three months later I discovered I was pregnant again.

“I was so scared to go to the doctors for the scan after going through the pain of miscarrying. I was panicking the whole time because they were taking so long and they called someone else in the room.

“And then they told me I was expecting twins. I couldn’t believe it. It was beautiful.”

From the left: Peyton with middle twins Andrew and Abigail. and twin sister Paige

Two years later Jolene fell pregnant again and once again discovered she was expecting twins.

‘After giving birth to Abigail and Andrew, it was challenging having two sets of twins.

‘But twins was all that we knew so it kind of felt like it got easier with each set.

‘We knew how to handle it.

‘After falling pregnant for the third time, I was 100 percent sure it couldn’t be another set of twins.

‘I thought it would definitely be just one baby.

Jolene says that the reason for her having so many sets of twins is due to her having an overactive uterus which she says causes her to drop two eggs at a time.

Jolene said: ‘I just accepted that this is what was meant for me and I love it.

‘Each child has their own different personalities and although they’re twins they each have their own little buddies.

‘I love our family and I wouldn’t have it any other way.’

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