A pregnant woman falls into a coma

After some months she wakes up in a hospital bed and as she gains consciousness she realises that her pregnancy belly is gone.

A doctor is standing next to her bed greeting her. “Hello, you have been in a coma for six months. But don’t worry you are on good health and will be released soon!”

She anxiously asks him “Doctor what happened? What happened to my baby?”

“Don’t worry about it! The birth went well and your babies are alive and healthy.” The doctor replies.

“Babies? What do you mean babies?”

“Ma’am you had twins. A boy and a girl. Your brother has been taking care of them since their birth.”

“My Brother? Oh no but he’s an idiot! What did he name them?” The woman exclaims.

“He named the girl ‘Denise'” The doctor says.

“That’s not so bad.” The woman replies. “What did he name the boy?”


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