Brain Test: 9 Out Of 10 People Fail To Solve This Puzzle! But Can You Spot Number ‘6’

Solving riddles and puzzles can help sharpen your memory, improve your creativity, and enhance your critical thinking skills.

Are you ready to solve this challenge that’s been baffling people around the world? Let’s begin.

The challenge is to find the number ‘6.’

There are letters and numbers in the image but viewers must find the number 6. Have you spotted it yet?

This may seem confusing at first but look hard enough and you should be able to see it. Many tried and many also failed to solve this puzzle in ten seconds.

Have you figured out the location of the number ‘6’ yet? If yes, congratulations! You’re one of the few people who spotted the number.

But if you need some help, pay more attention to the lower bottom part of the image and you might figure it out.

To confirm whether you’re right or wrong, scroll down to view the answer!






Here is the location of the number ‘6.’

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