Can You Score A Perfect 5 In These Find-The-Difference Puzzles?

The spot-the-difference images below are recently making their rounds online, and they had the internet stumped!

Even the most attentive players are left squinting their eyes in confusion.

The aim is very simple, the puzzle players have to find the differences in the photos.

The featured brainteasers below are one of the most challenging visual tests out there, so if you can solve all five… then you might be a puzzle genius!

If you think this puzzle is too easy to be worthy of your time, we encourage you to think again.

The puzzle creators created all brand logos ALMOST identical to one another: same shape, same size, and same color. BUT we assure you that they are not all alike!

Try this tricky visual test yourself and see if you can find the difference in each photo!

Are you up for the challenge? Let’s go!

Puzzle #1 – Starbucks logo – find the difference

Puzzle #2 – Adidas logo – find the difference


Puzzle #3 – World Wide Fund for Nature – find the difference

Puzzle #4 – Nike – find the difference

Puzzle #5 – KFC – find the difference

So, how observant are you? Did you find all five?

Scroll down to see the correct answers.








The Answers

Puzzle #1 – Starbucks logo answer

Puzzle #2 – Adidas logo answer

Puzzle #3 – World Wide Fund for Nature logo answer

Puzzle #4 -Nike logo answer

Puzzle #5 -KFC logo answer

Did you spot all 5? What’s your score? Let us know in the comments!

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