LABOUR OF LOVE: These Award-Winning Photos Prove That Moms Are Awesome

LABOUR OF LOVE: These Award-Winning Photos Prove That Moms Are Awesome

The Birth Becomes Her photo contest has just released the amazing winning entries, and it’s safe to say that the entire field of participants was spectacular.

Birth Becomes Her was co-founded by Monet Nicole and Jennifer Mason. The 2018 contest not only highlighted some of the world’s best photographers, but also showcased the challenges, jubilation, and tears of bringing a new little life into the world. Click through to see just how amazing women (and tiny little babies!) really are.

1. Marijke Thoen’s ‘stunning siblings first encounter’ won first place overall

2. Members Choice Winner: Three Become Four, Esther Edith, US

3. Honourable mention, Labour by Candlelight, Ashley Marston, Canada

4. Members Choice Best In Category – Postpartum: Take My Hand, Hold My Heart, Tamara Milldove, New Zealand

5. Honourable mention, Nurse Linda, Tammy Karin, US

6. Honourable mention, Fist Bump for Mom, Neely Ker-Fox, US

7. Honourable mention, Underwater Scream, Caroline Devulder, Belguim

8. Best In Category – Birth Details: Birth of a Brother, Daniela Justus, US

9. Best In Category – Postpartum: Flesh of my Flesh, Esther Edith, US

10. Honourable mention, Admiration and Relief, Kandyce Joelin, Canada

11. Best In Category – Delivery: En Caul Baby Birth, Daniela Justus, US

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