Mum Gives Birth To Heavy Baby Weighing 13lb 6oz Using Only Gas And Air

Mum Gives Birth To Heavy Baby Weighing 13lb 6oz Using Only Gas And Air

A mum gave birth to a baby weighing 13lb 6oz using only gas and air, and no one was more shocked than she was.

Natashia Corrigan, from Melbourne, Australia, had given birth three times before, so wasn’t expecting her fourth child to tip the scale.

At her 36-week scan she was made aware that she was to expect a “big bundle of joy”, but didn’t realise quite how big he would be.

Baby Brian Liddle Jr arrived into the world on 23 January and was the heaviest baby ever born at the Mercy Hospital for Women.

“I only had gas so I was still in a bit of shock just from that,” Corrigan told 7News Australia. “I’ve always wanted a little fat baby and now I’ve got a big baby.”

Corrigan explained this was the first time she experienced a natural labour, and the longest she’s ever been pregnant.

Little Brian Jr (his father’s name is also Brian), or rather, big baby Brian, blew everyone away. When he was weighed, the scales showed a weight of over 6 kilos. The length? 57 centimeters. That is, about the weight and length of a 5-month-old baby. The question that every mother asks herself at this moment is: wasn’t it natural childbirth? The answer, surprising as it may seem, is yes.

At the time of delivery, Natasha decided not to use an epidural, and they used an anesthetic gas. Despite the pain, the mother (who is not a first-time mother, as she has three other children), concentrated and took deep breaths. To get through the contractions, she thought positive thoughts. By the time of the delivery, the hospital staff had to call in two more team members to reinforce the team. Natasha’s first words upon seeing her offspring was an, ‘Oh, baby!’

Baby Brian was laid next to another newborn baby, Liam Milidoni who weighed 6lb 2oz, at Mercy Hospital shortly after he was born to compare his size to an “average-sized” baby.

We’re sure everyone is thinking the same thing: Ouch.

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