Newborn Baby Twins Cuddling Perfectly Captures The Loveliness Of The Twin Bond

Newborn Baby Twins Cuddling Perfectly Captures The Loveliness Of The Twin Bond

Twins are interesting not only because there are two of them, but also because they will have someone with them for the rest of their lives. Most twins have a very close bond from a very young age until they are very old. Some of them may strive for independence, but if they need help or comfort, they know they can always turn to their twin for it.

It is also believed that the bond between twins begins before they are born. After all, they spend nine months in close proximity to each other in the womb. If you doubt that they become close even before birth, be sure to watch the video of these newborn twin girls. They snuggle up to each other while they sleep, and it seems natural for them.

Even though they are out in the big world now, they still hold onto each other while they sleep in the crib. You can even see the happiness and contentment in their faces.

One of the twins opens her eyes briefly, realizes that all is right with the world, and then smiles before falling back to sleep.

Not only are the twins happy, but the parents are undoubtedly pleased with what they see.

When the video was taken, the mother knew it was special and posted it on an Instagram account for the twins, the Tobon twins.

The twins, Sophia and Sara, are toddlers now and still as cute as they were when they were just a few weeks old.

The parents are so fond of traveling that the little ones have already been to Italy, Spain and Greece.

After the video was published by Unilad magazine on its Facebook page, 22 million people viewed it and 133,000 responded.

The parents, Juan Carlos and Juliana Tobon, are real estate professionals who are very successful in their profession.

Thousands of people also share pictures of their own twins cuddling in the comments. One aunt calls her niece and nephew twins “cuddle buddies from day one.”

You can see for yourself how the cuddling works in this video:


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