Puppy Gets Bored On The Flight And Decides To Entertain The Passengers Behind Him

When Huxley’s mother decided to take her pup on a flight to Ibiza, she never could have expected what would happen next. Mom was not able to give the dog the amount of attention that he normally seeks. That’s when he decided to show her just how he felt.

“He was sat in the seat next to me but got in a mood which he often does when I don’t pay him enough attention,” Ursula Daphne Aitchison, Huxley’s mom, told The Dodo.

If he does not get to be the center of attention, he is displeased, as most dogs are. Huxley was not about to be ignored, though. He left his mother’s side and decided to hang out with someone else instead.

Huxley elected to stick his face in between the seats and provided a great deal of entertainment for all of the other passengers on the flight.

“He spent 30 minutes in that seat; the man next to him said he was a very good passenger and the man across the aisle was taking selfies with him,” Aitchison said.

“Huxley kept giving him his paw to hold. He was making lots of people laugh and the man next to me asked to take his photo to send to his daughter.”

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