The Teacher Was Very Fed-Up With Johnny.

The teacher was very fed-up with Little Johnny and wanted to belittle him.

One day the teacher came to class with a rose placed in her cleavage.

She asked,

“Can anyone tell me what roses drink? How about you, Johnny?”

“Milk!” answered Little Johnny.

“No, I’m sorry. That’s the wrong answer. Roses drink water,” explained the teacher.

“Wow!” Johnny exclaimed.

“I didn’t know the stem was that long!”



Johnny Has Just Been Toilet Trained

Little Johnny has just been toilet trained and decides to use the big toilet like his daddy…

He pushes up the seat and balances his little pen!s on the rim.

Just then the toilet seat slams down and little Johnny lets out a scream.

His mother comes running to find Johnny hopping around the room clutching his privates and screaming in pain.

He looks up at her with his little tear-stained face and sniffles,

“K-k-k-k-kiss {sniff} it and make it better”.

Little Johnny’s mother shouts,

“Don’t start your father’s sh!t with me”!

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