This Brain-Teasing Challenge Is Causing A Stir Online! But Can You Answer It?

The brain-teasing challenge

As far as the makers of this logical challenge are concerned, they want you to think about the following scenario. It relates to a large family and that’s why we need you to take a moment before jumping in with your answers.

Okay, if there are a total of 7 brothers inside a family, and each of those brothers has a sister- how many kids are there in the family, all together. Yes, you need to find out the total number of children.

It’s time for the final verdict

Are you ready to see how well you’ve done with this logical puzzle? If yes, scroll down below, and let’s take a look!

If you didn’t overthink, then you’d realize that all the brothers have ONE sister. That makes for a grand total of 8 kids- 7 boys and one girl.

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