This Math Problem Divided The Internet – But Can You Solve It?

A simple and yet confusing math problem has divided the internet after viewers couldn’t agree on the answer.

We’ve all had to deal with complicated math problems at some point in our lives. Whether in schools or private life, math is an important part of our lives that we simply can’t escape in the modern world.

This time, we’re sharing with you a math equation for children that is frequently baffling adults on social media. You’ll see why soon enough!

Try to solve this equation as fast as possible before scrolling down to verify your answer.

As it happens, the correct answer is 12! Did you get 12 as well? Congrats!

If your answer is different, check out the explanation below.

To solve this problem, follow the correct order of operations such as PEMDAS/PEDMAS or BOMDAS/BODMAS.

24 ÷ 4 (8 ÷ 4) =
24 ÷ 4 (2) =
6 (2) =

Here’s additional explanation in case you’re still not sure how we got to 12.

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