‘Who Is The Cheater?’ 90% Of Viewers FAIL To Solve This Picture Puzzle!

Solving brain games can improve your critical thinking skills and sharpen your memory while helping you reduce stress!

That is why we have prepared another picture puzzle that you can enjoy with your friends and family. Are you ready?

“Who is cheating?”

In this challenge, viewers must figure out who the cheater is. Can you solve it in just 10 seconds?

The image shows three couples who seem to be happy and contented with their partners. But one of them is a cheater! Can you figure out who?

The first couple are a groom and bride. Wearing a white tuxedo and a black tie, the man looks sweetly at his bride who glances up to meet his gaze.

The second pair are also showing their affection to each other. Wearing a grey hoodie and a yellow beanie, the guy holds his girlfriend’s hands tight as they smile at each other.

Do you think one of them is a cheater? Who and why?

The last couple also seem to be very in love with each other. The girlfriend who is wearing a green dress is hugging his boyfriend very tight while he places his hand on her back.

But who is the cheater? Have you figured it out?

Pay attention to all the details to find some clues before confirming the answer at the bottom of this article.

Here is the answer:

The bride is the cheater. If you look closely, she is trying to pass a note to someone! That’s not good. They just got married!

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