A Friendship Like No Other! Rabbit Wallace And Gus The Cat

I always thought cats can only befriend other cats, then I’ve learned that some cats can tolerate cat-friendly dogs, but a rabbit? I’ve never met anyone who had a cat and a rabbit as pets, let alone friends, in the same house.

But the powers of friendship surprise us once again…

Wallace the rabbit and Gus the cat were two ginger boys who shared a unique type of friendship. Their story began when their owner brought Wallace home back in 2015, and after just two days of knowing each other, these two became like two peas in a pod.

The friendship of Wallace and Gus was so unique and their owner’s posts were super funny. It wasn’t long before they were noticed worldwide. People just couldn’t believe that a rabbit and a cat could share such a bond.

I can’t even imagine what would it be like if I brought a cute little bunny to my home. My cats would just be sitting around and judging him, lol! I am 100% sure of that.

How Their Story Unraveled

The owner really made it look like Gus and Wallace are addressing the audience. Just take a look at them having fun, it looks like they’re pranking each other.

And now look at Wallace!

The first picture you saw above is their first picture together. It was taken just two days after the pair met and started living together. However, just about a week later…

Oh Gus, being a classic cat! Lol.

But this was just a “bad” moment in their lives captured on camera. Just look at how they’ve spent most of their days together.

I mean, who can blame him? Gus knows the perfect spot to rest his head, and it’s on top of his fluffy friend! But Wallace just wanted Gus to sometimes… be the pillow.

Well, I believe Wallace enjoyed being Gus’s pillow more than being cast out of his own bed. Just look at Gus, being a classic bed-stealing cat, lol.

Well, if Gus is going to steal every bed their owner buys them, then Wallace was doomed to sleep on the blanket. That’s exactly what he did, just lay on the blanket and judge Gus. Lol.

And would you look at that, oh Gus! Gus just has to have it all…

He slept in Wallace’s new bed, and once Wallace got a comfy blanket, he had to come and snuggle up beside him. But I don’t think Wallace minded that at all.

Would you just look at these two “loafing around”. Can you guess who it is in the next picture?

Lol! It’s Wallace, but it could have easily been Gus since I don’t know which one’s cuter or fluffier.

Gus just kept on stealing Wallace’s favorite spots, but I just think that’s how the two rolled.

After all the fun and games, the two would always snuggle up next to each other and go to sleep together.

Not only did this interesting choice of best friends amuse people all over the world, like that wasn’t unusual enough, but the two also had dogs as friends as well!

And “cousins”…

Wallace and Gus were truly a unique example of love and friendship. They showed the world how friendship has no boundaries and how love knows no “fur or species”.

Sadly, Wallace passed away suddenly in 2017, the owner spoke to their followers:

“My heart is broken. Wallace was my ray of sunshine. Wal passed away very unexpectedly and inexplicably. He saw two vets and neither believed him to be in a state that was life-threatening. I wish I had answers, I wish I had my Wallace back.”

Their followers mourned him in the comments and that’s where the story of Wallace and Gus stopped since the owner managed the profile under the nickname @wallacethewabbit.

I’m sure Wallace and Gus made many people smile over the years and that they shared a true friendship that we don’t see very often. I know they made me smile a lot of times, and I believe that Wallace lived a great life full of joy.

I couldn’t believe that cats can be such good friends with other animals before I saw these two. Wallace and Gus were a true example of friendship and their bond was out of this world.

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