A Lynx Beauty Saved From Cage Life Finally Gets To Experience What It’s Like To Be A Mom

In today’s world there are still one too many animals that are caged up somewhere on a farm. Unfortunately, we all know the main reason why. Using these poor souls for their fur and in most cases taking their babies away.

That’s exactly what happened to this beautiful lynx cat. Meet Koshka, who spent most of her adult life in a small metal cage.

lynx cat in a cage
Credit: BBC

Whenever she had her babies they were taken away from her and sold off as luxury pets. Koshka never had the chance to be a real mom and care for her kittens.

Little did she know, her life was about to change completely. Dr. Victor Lukarevksi, with the help of Gordon Buchanan, has made it his mission to save these lynx cats. For the first time ever, he will try to rehabilitate these wild cats.

lynx cat in a wooden crate
Credit: BBC

Soon after, Dr. Lukarevski rescued Koshka from her metal cage and she found herself in the wild again. Only this time she got to keep her babies, Koshka had two new kittens, ready to explore the world with their momma.

photo of lynx cat
Credit: BBC

However, Gordon Buchanan was not optimistic about their rehabilitation at first. As he told BBC:

When I went to see them, I thought there’s no way that you could get those animals back to health and rehabilitate them.” 

On the other hand, Dr. Lukarevski believed that since they were born in the wild, their natural wild instincts would come up to the surface again. Without a doubt, he was right, the progress was finally visible.

man holding lynx kittens
Credit: BBC

At two weeks old, the kittens have just opened their eyes, yet balance is still something they have to figure out. Such adorable clumsy fur balls! 

Helping them follow their natural instincts, like hunting, was crucial for the process. Most importantly, teaching momma Koshka to care for her babies.

close-up photo of lynx cat
Credit: BBC

Humans were unfortunately yet again the biggest threat to Koshka and her babies since they returned to nature. Together with her kittens, she had to learn not to trust them and to keep her distance.

Koshka passed her final test on a rainy day. While observed by Dr. Lukarevski and Gordon, Koshka managed to find shelter for her two kittens and bring them to safety.

lynx cat and kitten
Credit: BBC

With this, she proved that although her babies were taken away from her in the past, her motherly instincts remained. With many more challenges to come and many more lessons to be learned, I’m positive that Koshka will bravely face them all.

lynx kitten in nature
Credit: BBC

Lynx cats can live up to 15 years in the wild, so I genuinely hope Koshka and her fur balls will have an adventurous, happy, and safe life in the wild!

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