Granddaughter Finds Her Grandparents’ Wedding Gift Cheap

Jen and her husband were in their 70s and had five grandchildren. Three were women, and two were men. They were always prepared to welcome their grandchildren.

Their youngest child, Eloise, had married, and as was tradition, the grandparents would buy the lowest thing on the wedding register and gift them $40,000.

As they wanted their grandchildren to keep it as a secret, they were the only ones who were aware of the tradition. Until now everyone had kept their secrets.


But their granddaughter, Eloise, accused them of being cheap. “Are you serious, Grandma?” I just received your present. An air fryer? That’s the cheapest item on my register!” She replied when Jen called her.

Jen informed Eloise that she thought it was useful. “Useful? Come on, you can do better than that. Everyone knows you’ve got the money. I can’t believe you would be that cheap with me. “It is embarrassing.” It was Eloise’s response.

As Jen had enough, “Yes, you’re right. We are cheap, old, and useless. The only thing you DIDN’T know is that the day before the wedding, we were going to gift you a check for $40,000.” She said.

As the dispute heated up, “No, it’s obvious. You simply don’t love me enough to express it. You know how much pressure I’m under for the wedding. And then this? “It’s as if you don’t care,” Eloise replied before hanging up.

Then they chose not to give the money to Eloise, and she called again a week later after learning that they had actually given $40,000 to each of their grandchildren.

“I recently discovered out that you did give the money to everyone else when they were married. “Why didn’t I receive anything?” She asked.

“We felt after your reaction to the wedding gift, it wasn’t right to go ahead and gift you the money.” The grandparents spoke.

“So, are you punishing me? Is this it? Because I was outraged about an air fryer.” Eloise pleaded.

“Eloise, it was not about the air fryer. The disrespectful way you spoke to us was the issue. Jen replied, “That is not something we expected or can support.”

“But that’s so unfair! I was stressed, Grandma. Planning a wedding is hard, and I just snapped. I didn’t mean any of it.” Eloise said, as she was in tears.

“We recognize that this is a tough moment, but actions and words have repercussions. We hoped you’d recognize the importance of family and love over financial possessions. Eloise spoke. “But you do not comprehend! Can’t we just ignore everything that happened? I need the money, Grandma.”

Then Eloise vowed not to attend Christmas, claiming that she was excluded. Jen stated, “We love you very much. This is not about cutting you off. We just hope you’ll think about this and understand why we made this decision.”


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