My Husband Decided to Leave Me on Our Wedding Night

Lana, one of our readers, had a startling revelation on her wedding night that caused her to reconsider her recent marriage. Lana was furious when she found out what her new husband had planned for their big evening and sought advice.\

Her full story below:

After our guests left the reception, my groom and I headed to our hotel room for our first night as a married couple.

As we entered, he realized he forgot something downstairs in the hall and went to get it.

30 minutes passed, and he didn’t return; I became worried and started to look for him. I finally found him in the reception hall chatting with his childhood best friend, Dylan. The two have been friends for 25 years but haven’t seen each other for the last decade as Dylan lives and works in Australia.

My groom apologized, explaining he meant to call me but left his phone in our room.

He explained that he didn’t get the chance to properly speak with his best friend yet.

He said, “Dylan has to fly back for work tomorrow morning, and I don’t know when I’ll see him again.”

To my shock, he added, “Do you mind if I hang out with him tonight? We’re both so tired from the party anyway, and it would be a chill night. Of course, you’re most welcome to hang out with us.”

Feeling hurt that I mean this little to him and that he prioritized his friend over our special night, I left him alone at the hotel and didn’t go back to our place.

Now I am seriously considering ending our marriage.

He says he doesn’t understand my anger and says that we’ve been spending all our nights together for the past 2 years anyway, but he doesn’t know when he’ll be able to see his best friend again.

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