My Son Chose to Help His Mother-in-Law Over Me — I’m Furious

A mother can be incredibly distressed when feeling estranged from her child, especially when financial support becomes an issue.

A woman named Ruth finds herself in a sensitive situation where her son has redirected his financial assistance towards his mother-in-law. This woman believes she deserves her son’s support more and has reached out to us seeking guidance.

Here is what Ruth shared:

Image for illustrative purpose only (© Teona Swift / Pexels)

“I’m a widow and no longer in shape to work. Each month, my son gives me a sum from his own earnings to help me with rent.

Yesterday, my daughter-in-law called saying that he won’t be able to help anymore.

Devastated, I asked why, and she declared, “My mom has been in bad shape lately, and we need that money to send her to a health spa and also have her do some physiotherapy sessions.”

She added, “I think it’s time for my mom to benefit from us too. She needs this money more than you do now. After all, my husband’s money is also my money.” 

Hearing those words, I was furious.

My DIL is a stay-at-home housewife. She raises my grandkids and has never worked. This money is my son’s money, and I am more entitled to it than her own mother. | do not care if her mom needs to improve her health and get in better shape.

What should I do?

Sincerely, Ruth

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