Officer Byrne the ‘Cat Cop’ Saves Chudo, or ‘Miracle’ Found Alone in a Bush

Florida Officer Gretchen Byrne, AKA’ Cat Cop,’ does it again, rescuing kitties on patrol in the Coral Springs area. Then, she provides foster care in her free time and helps find the cats’ forever homes. Frequently, she has found furry treasure in area dumpsters, like two pretty orange kittens Ram and Bengal, found in a dumpster on Super Bowl Sunday.

As her over 62K fans know, Officer Byrne is also incredibly funny, posting comedic videos with funny captions and music that makes us LOL.

🌻  Chudo Means ‘Miracle’ in Ukrainian 🌻

More recently, Officer Byrne found a tiny orang bundle of joy with a special name: Chudo, which translates to ‘Miracle’ in Ukrainian.

“His name is Chudo. It means miracle in Ukrainian and boy does the world need one.”

Chudo, Miracle, Ukrainian

Images and video via Instagram/bocaratona

Little Chudo was all alone in a bush but now is “residing in “Heaven’s Waiting Room” in beautiful Boca Raton. When discovered, Chudo still had a dried-up umbilical cord, and the kitten’s eyes were shut tight. However, two days later, Chudo was watching TV. Notably, Byrne is a 90 Day Fiancé reality TV fan, but Chudo didn’t seem impressed.

Chudo the kitten, umbilical cord

A Day in the Life for Officer Byrne and Chudo

After Chudo opened his eyes, Officer Byrne shared an adorable day in his life on Instagram. As Chudo takes a ride in the patrol car, the kitten receives bottle service, learns how to make biscuits, watches more “crap on TV,” kisses, and goes potty on “the nice lady.” Now, Bryne believes Chudo may be a little girl not a little boy.

“This guy ….. or girl right here 😍”

Chudo, Miracle, Officer Byrne

By nearly 2 weeks old, it seems Chudo is indeed a girl and has rhythm!

“Weeeepaaaaaaaa🍼 She’s got some rhythm.”

While on vacation, Chudo meets her Abuelo, or “Cat Grampa,” and it’s just too cute.

Abuelo holding Chudo the orange kitten

Then, Chudo meets her Abuela who bottle-feeds the always ravenous kitten.

“Its like feeding a Pyranna!” says Chudo’s Abuela.

“I’m not sure why bottle feeding is instantly funny at my parents house.”

Funny Moments as Chudo’s Personality Blooms

By the end of March, Chudo had grown enough to reach a milestone, “the climbing up the leg milestone.” Then, she quickly got the hang of using a litter box on the first try!

Today, Chudo is a playful force to be reckoned with, riding the Mr. Robot vacuum and taunting Gus the cat and the always-patient orange kitty Old man Pipo.” As usual, Officer Byrne chooses the funniest musical accompaniments.


Each day, you can see Chudo and Byrne share a strong bond, and it’s so cute to watch. But the kitten has also bonded with a little black, and white kitten named Pua 🐽 found at a gas station. Recently, the two little cuties stayed together at home for the first time. Who knows what they got up to? Whatever they do, it’s going to be cute.

Chudo with Pua

“Find yourself someone who looks at you the way that Chudo looks at foster mama even when she makes her watch 90 Day Fiancé.”

Chudo looks lovingly at Officer Byrne

Chudo looks lovingly at Officer Byrne

At 1.12 pounds, Chudo has grown enough to visit the United For Animals Rescue (UFAR) Now, she has her vaccinations and is ready to take on the world. From a lonely bush in a parking lot, this adorable little miracle is full of hope for better days ahead.

Chudo with long whiskers in the squad car

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