Remove stubborn oven glass grease in 10 minutes with cleaners ‘miracle’ item

The glass doors of ovens are one of the first places to get dirty and are always left for long periods before being cleaned. To avoid endless scrubbing, households may want to give this “miracle” tip a try.

Oven cleaning is never a delightful task to take on. However, this may be because you are tackling the chore wrong.

According to one cleaning enthusiast, cleaning the oven glass door is “easy” when you have the “best oven cleaning tools”.

Taking to the Mrs Hinch Army Cleaning Tips Facebook page, Telbel Sparkles claimed that you no longer need to scrub out and use expensive oven cleaners to tackle this task when you have two particular items.

She said: “Cleaning the oven door has never been easier with my new best oven cleaning tools.”

Speaking in regard to her brown-stained oven glass door, Telbel wrote: “Please don’t judge I have been preoccupied with personal stuff but finally catching up.

“No more expensive oven cleaners and scrubbing as Elbow Grease sprayed on with a glass scrapper is all you need for the grease to glide right off. It worked miracles on my oven.”

She shared a before and after picture and the glass looked gleaming at the end of the cleaning process.

Telbel also shared a short clip go her using the glass scrapper and the grease stains were sliding off.

When it comes to the glass scraper, Telbel recommended purchasing one from Amazon. Households can pick up the multi-surface glass scraper tool for £8.49 down from £9.99 or the Minky ceramic tile hob scraper that retails for £4.94 on Amazon.

When asked by one user in the comments section how long it took, Telbel replied: “I’m impatient. I just sprayed it [the Elbow Grease] on and scraped it off. It took me less than 10 minutes.”

Other Mrs Hinch fans were impressed with this tip and even wanted to try it out for themselves.

Jasmine Taylor wrote: “I’ve always used a scraper on my oven, but paired with Elbow Grease, it’s fantastic.”

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