That’s why many people run a slice of onion in the windows of their house.

That’s why many people run a slice of onion in the windows of their house.
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Discover why many are turning to a slice of onion to keep their windows crystal clear.

Why Onions for Window Cleaning?
Using onions on glass surfaces might seem unconventional, but it’s a method that delivers astonishing results. Ideal for tackling extremely dirty or greasy windows marred by fingerprints, onions work wonders. The natural compounds in onions dissolve grime effortlessly, offering a spotless clean without the usual hassle of scrubbing.

Two Effective Onion Cleaning Methods

The Onion Half or Slice Method:

Cut an onion in half or use a slice.
Rub it directly on the glass to remove tough stains like insect droppings and dried-on dirt.
Continual rubbing will gradually clear all residues.

Finish by polishing with a dry cloth until the glass is streak-free.

Amazingly, just one or two onion slices can clean an entire door, leaving it impeccably spotless.

Onion in Water Method:

Cut an onion in half and immerse it in a bucket of water.

Let it sit for 30 minutes.

Use a cloth soaked in this onion-infused water to clean the windows.

After removing the dirt, dry the surface with a soft cloth to avoid streaks.

This method ensures long-lasting cleanliness and clarity, preventing water stains.


Achieve strikingly clear windows using just half an onion, an ingredient you likely already have in your kitchen. For optimal results, consider using microfiber cloths for a final polish, enhancing the natural shine of the glass. Alternatively, crumpled newspaper can also be effective, leaving your windows sparkling like never before!

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