The husband stands by while his wife is taken off life support, but she turns around and yells, “Get me out of here!”

Deciding to remove a loved one from life support can be one of the most painful decisions a person ever confronts, especially if the prognosis is not promising. After his wife Jill went into a coma, Ryan Finley was left with this enormous duty. Video is below!

Ryan had discovered Jill unconscious and unresponsive. He did everything he could in those critical seconds before the paramedics arrived, including CPR and praying for her recovery.

Despite knowing the chances of a happy outcome were poor, Jill’s heart was weak, and her breathing was shallow, but Ryan refused to give up on her. Fortunately, paramedics arrived in time and were able to resuscitate her.

She was quickly brought to the Oklahoma Heart Hospital and treated with a specialist cooling suit. The most crucial thing was safeguarding her brain from further damage from oxygen deprivation. As a result of her condition, she went into an unconscious state.

Despite the medical staff’s grim diagnosis, Jill’s partner, Ryan, clung to hope and resorted to prayer. He continued to pray even as the days passed, and he was told that recovery was doubtful.

However, he was eventually asked to consider allowing the doctors to withdraw Jill’s life support.

On this day, Ryan’s diary post reflects his anguish and hardship. He described the agony of having to make the heartbreaking decision of whether or not to let Jill go.

Finally, he weighed her desires and let her go rather than prolong her agony.

The machine was turned off as the family gathered to say their final goodbyes to Jill, and the doctors advised them that she would not die quickly since she was experiencing the “final rally.”

During this time, Jill began murmuring and expressing her wish to visit her favorite Mexican restaurants, Ted’s or Melting Pot, before asking her husband to drive her away. Ryan was saddened, but he had faith that Jill would pull through.

Fortunately, Ryan’s optimism paid off, and Jill survived and had heart surgery and a lengthy recovery, allowing her to breathe independently for the first time.

Despite her miraculous recovery, Jill had no recollection of her coma period, although she did experience difficulties with her short-term memory and difficulty pronouncing specific words and phrases.

Jill’s miraculous recovery resulted from cutting-edge medical technology and her family’s support and hope.

Despite the adversity, Jill’s fortitude gave her a second chance at life, giving her and her loved ones a deeper appreciation for each day.

Despite suffering from coronavirus, Jill’s prayers were granted as she progressively healed after being on a ventilator for an extended period.

Despite losing her husband and sister to the virus, the 65-year-old grandmother was given a second chance at life. Her overall health was satisfactory, and she was eager to seize this opportunity.

Jill and her daughter, who had been by her side during the difficult time, were overjoyed that their bond remained as strong as ever.

Jill claims they now enjoy every minute and value their time together more than ever. Seeing her loved ones surrender to dreadful cancer put everything into perspective for Jill, who no longer takes anything for granted.

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