Twin Kittens Escaped An Overcrowded Shelter And Transformed Into Beautiful Ginger Fluffballs

Meet Frances and Johnny, adorable ginger twins saved from an overcrowded rural shelter in Indiana.

It’s hard to believe that someone would abandon such cuties, but it happens quite often, hence the overpopulated shelter. With so many animals around, the place was already at full capacity, leaving no space for these two babies.

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Fortunately, a kind soul stepped in and offered help. Lori White, a foster volunteer, offered to provide a foster home to these two precious babies until they find their furever homes. As Lori says for Love Meow:

“A wonderful lady saved them and took care of them for a few days until they could hitch a ride in transport to make their way to us.”

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Staying in an overcrowded shelter was a stressful experience for such young kittens who craved love and attention. Thus, they were eager to meet their foster parents and unleash their affectionate nature on them.

But first things first, they needed to be treated for afflicting respiratory infections. Their health issues didn’t end there, though; the twins were seriously malnourished and had eye infections too.

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Lori provided all the necessary medical care so the kittens could recover as quickly as possible. They received antibiotics, eye drops, and lots of delicious food to help them grow big and healthy.

Although still battling health issues, the twins showed how relaxed and happy they are to finally be in a safe and cozy place. As Lori reports:

“From the start, they were both super friendly (despite how crummy they must feel). They will purr as soon as they see someone come in the room. They love to be held.”

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Surrounded by love in a safe environment, the kittens could finally show their true charm. Frances expressed her talent for climbing; whether it’s a human leg, a chair, or a towel. Only the ceiling is the limit!

Johnny, the more reserved twin, watched her with interest, showing his brotherly love and care. Their shared activities were chasing balls, jumping on beds, and, of course, cuddling!

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The twins loved being around people, but furry friends weren’t bad either. They instantly fell in love with the resident cat Audrey, impressed by her powerful personality. It’s nice to have a big sister to look up to.

Surrounded by the loving company of both humans and furry friends, the duo thrived and flourished into happy kitties.

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Frances and Johhny are a true example of how love positively affects us all. Love helps us thrive and express our true potential. As Lori says:

“Three weeks ago, Frances and Johnny were in a kennel at the shelter, hoping someone would save them. Look at the difference a few weeks of love and care makes!”

Source: Instagram

I’m sure these two adorable fluffballs will make great loving companions once they find their forever homes.

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