Why hang a clothespin over the shower: Once you know it, you always will

Why hang a clothespin over the shower: Once you know it, you always will

Hang a Clothespin Over Your Shower: Once You Know This, You’ll Always Do It

Discover everyday life hacks that can make a big difference. This ingenious bathroom freshening technique is a game changer. Find out what happens when you use it in your shower.

Transform Your Shower Experience with a Simple Clothespin


This unusual method might surprise you. It involves using a clothespin, but not for hanging clothes. Instead, it can change the way you shower.

What Happens When You Use a Clothespin in the Bathroom?

While a clothespin is traditionally used for drying clothes, it has another lesser-known use that may astonish you. This clever technique helps eliminate shower odors while infusing the space with a pleasant fragrance. Enjoy an invigorating, spa-like experience with a subtle, delicate scent.

Wooden Clothespins: Your New Bathroom Companion

To use this brilliant trick, you’ll need a wooden clothespin and a bottle of essential oil, like eucalyptus, lemon, or mandarin. Start by soaking the clothespin with a few drops of the essential oil. Then, simply hang it on your showerhead or shower curtain while showering or bathing. The steam will release a sweet fragrance throughout your bathroom, ensuring relaxation and a sense of well-being.

More Uses for a Wooden Clothespin

The versatility of a wooden clothespin extends beyond just freshening your shower. It can be used in various ways around your home.
Prevent Cooking Utensil Slips: Attach it to the handle of your cooking spoon or spatula to prevent it from falling into the pan.
Decorate Your Home: Create a photo display or note holder using a string and clothespins. This is an ingenious way to hang photos or reminders without frames or wall damage.
Seal Food Packages: Keep cereal, chips, or flour bags fresh and protected from air exposure by sealing them with a clothespin.
Organize Cables: Avoid tangled wires by attaching clothespins to chargers or small bundles of cables.
Use as a Bookmark: Mark your place in a book or highlight important passages in documents with a clothespin as an improvised bookmark.
Now that you know these innovative uses for wooden clothespins, you can repurpose them in various ways around your home.

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