Clever crow spotted riding on the back of a bald eagle

Who wouldn’t want to fly on the back of an eagle? This idea sounds so tempting, and obviously, this shiny crow thinks so too. The mischievous animal was spotted enjoying a free ride on the back of a bald eagle, and the funny thing is that the eagle itself didn’t seem to mind at all.


Luckily, talented Californian photographer Fu Chan was able to capture this unique moment and share it with the world.

Explaining the crow’s unusual behavior, biologist Kevin McGowan, who specializes in crow behavior at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, argues that it is actually quite normal for territorial birds like the crow to feel threatened and may even become extremely aggressive when a huge intruder appears in the house. . their natural habitat. The reason for this reaction may be the “Napoleon complex,” a theoretical inferiority complex often attributed to short people.

Apparently, the angry crow was preparing for a fight. But for some reason, he just had no idea what to do next after landing smoothly on the big bird.

“It’s like a dog chasing a car and jumping on it,” McGowan says. “Dogs always want to catch a car, but they never know what they will do if they get it.”

According to McGowan, the bald eagle’s carelessness is also understandable. As the largest birds of prey, eagles are always being harassed by other birds and they don’t really think of it as a big deal. As McGowan points out, it feels like they’re being “followed by mosquitoes.”

Chan, however, does not seem to agree that the crow was trying to disturb its “machine”.
“Ravens are known to aggressively chase other much larger predators when spotted in their territory, and usually these intruders will simply retreat without much fuss.”

bird and nature photographer. “However, in this shot, the crow did not appear to bother the bald eagle in such close proximity, and the bald eagle did not seem to mind the presence of the crow invading its personal space.”

What was even stranger was that the crow even stopped briefly on the eagle’s back, as if taking a free stroll through a picturesque area, and the eagle simply obliged,” he continues.
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