Family buying property warned about ‘Some’ Cats, in s.h.o.c.k at what they find

When a family moved into a new property, the previous owner mentioned “some” cats living in the barn, but what they ended up finding was significantly more than anticipated.

Kennedy, known on Reddit as user kolliflower, shared in a June 5 post to the subreddit channel r/cats that the family purchased a badly neglected farm. Together, they are working on bringing the farm back to life. She told Newsweek via Reddit that her aunt dreams of turning the farm into a post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) retreat that is free.

However, while cleaning out the property, they found more than just “some” barn cats. There were four momma orange cats who each had a litter. They had 14 kittens between the four—all born in apple baskets and boxes. The mothers have made it a tag team effort, stepping in to care for each other’s babies.

Part of the Reddit post reads: “We ended up with this many cats purely by circumstance, and will do everything we can to reduce the population of orange kitties from growing even more.”

Kennedy explained that all the momma cats and kittens will be getting fixed and since being found, they have created a safe space for all the felines to live until they are old enough to move to their forever homes.

Kennedy told Newsweek via Reddit messaging that she plans to adopt one of the kittens and name her Mango. She believes the rest of the kittens have future families lined up and that the momma cats will likely stay on the property. Her aunt’s vision is to incorporate a cat library where the momma felines will live and people can cuddle them when they visit.

“I am so happy to see the love the community has for the ginger army!” Kennedy’s post reads.

People can follow the kittens, their journey, cleaning of the farm, and mental health healing on TikTok. Kennedy’s aunt is running the account, @ptsdfunnyfarm.


Reddit Users React

The Reddit post quickly gained attention, amassing over 31,000 upvotes as of Saturday morning. To say viewers were obsessed would be an understatement.

“So many orange cuties!” wrote one user.

Another added: “A farm? I think you mean creamsicle factory.”

Others, meanwhile, were thrilled to hear about her aunt’s vision.

A third Reddit user wrote: “Ooh this is awesome! I love your aunt’s dream and thank you guys for giving everyone their best lives! Everyone is SO freaking adorable!”

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