Moment Cat Escapes From Pet Sitter Caught on Camera, Then Rescuer Steps In

After hearing about a cat slipping out under a sitter’s nose, Julie Nashawaty knew she needed to step in and help a fellow neighbor.

Nashawaty first heard about Ace when the cat’s family posted about him missing on their Boston neighborhood community Facebook page. The parents were out of town and had a pet sitter watching over Ace and his furry siblings.

A ring camera revealed the moment Ace took his chance to explore the outdoors. The sitter left the door open at 3 a.m. while taking the dog out for a bathroom break.

Even without knowing the family, Nashawaty felt horrible. She reached out to the family asking if they had done the typical steps when searching for a missing cat and when she learned they were out of town and the sitter at work, she told Newsweek she jumped in her car with wet cat food and a cat bag. As a fellow pet sitter and animal lover, Nashawaty couldn’t bear the thought that a cat was missing.

It didn’t take long for Nashawaty to spot Ace. His meows lured her in and she found him under a grate. Unsuccessful calls to 911, 311 and then animal control left her to work on the rescue herself. Ace finally got the courage to jump and she grabbed his scruff, yanking him out to safety.

Terrified after being out alone for 30 hours, Ace held onto her tightly. Nashawaty called the family to get their address and lockbox information to make sure Ace got back inside safely. It turns out he was only a few doors down.

“He was so sweet and derpy,” Nashawaty said. “He was really thankful and gave lots of hugs.”

Nashawaty returned Ace to his home and was greeted by a visibly upset cat sister. She was “screaming” at Ace like a typical overbearing sibling.

It was a tear-filled happy ending that put the family at ease. Nashawaty said they kept asking who she is, but she responded by saying she’s “just a neighbor.”


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The incredible rescue, which amassed nearly 100,000 views, was shared to her TikTok account, @julienashawaty. Viewers flooded the comment section of the video, sharing their praise for this woman’s dedication to helping strangers find their cat.

“Thank you for this kindness. 18 years ago I put my faith in the wrong pet sitter and the outcome was not good. You prevented a world of pain and guilt,” said one user.

Another added: “You are an amazing person. I’m crying at the way he looks at the door closing.”

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