My Daughter Completely Forgot About My 90th Birthday

Hi there, this is Patty. I can declare with confidence that I have had a great and happy life after 90 wonderful years. Since my husband passed away a few years ago, Angie, my daughter, and I have mostly been spending our time together.

I was ecstatic as my ninetieth birthday approached. My daughter had assured me that she would come see me and spend the day with my grandchildren.

Imagining my grandchildren brings me constant joy. It reminds me of the times when my spouse and I raised Angie. My grandchildren remind me of those special occasions because they look so much like her.

They also have a father who looks like Angie’s ex-husband, John. I loved John so much that I was devastated by their split. The closest thing I’ve ever had to a son was John. He had a big heart and was friendly. He still sends me a Christmas card every year, even now. While I had hoped for John and Angie to be back together, life has other ideas.

When my birthday finally arrived, I was overjoyed. But as the day went on, my enthusiasm gave way to anxiety. It was getting close to lunchtime, and Angie had not responded to me. I called her multiple times, but she didn’t pick up.

When I tried to call Angie again, the call went straight to voicemail. Since she was driving, I thought she wouldn’t be able to respond. But as time went on, it became evident that, like many other days, I would be spending this birthday alone.

I was about to give up when someone rang the doorbell. If my knees weren’t so weak, I would have immediately jumped up in excitement. I was quite happy with my birthday present from Angie and the kids, since it had been a long time.

My heart fell when I saw a manly figure through the glass of the entrance. When I answered the door, I saw a happy John with gifts and flowers in his hands.

“Happy Birthday, Mom!” He gave a kind greeting.

“John? Oh, you didn’t have to,” I said, startled and happy at the same time.

“A small token to honor your amazing day,” John stated as he passed the presents.

Is that the chocolate of my dreams? You remembered, huh? My cheeks flushed with joy as I exclaimed.

How could I overlook that? It’s all you ever eat,” John laughed in response.

You’re overly charming. Could you come to supper with me? Asking him to come in, I did.

Oh no. Not that I would want to bother. You must have plans. John answered modestly, “I just wanted to drop off your presents and see your gorgeous self.

“That’s absurd! I would like the company, and I don’t have anything planned. I insisted, “Plus, I’m making apple pie.”

“Pineapple pie? John chuckled as he entered, “You ought to have led with that.”

John, like my late spouse, is an amazing chef. John did the majority of the cooking while we were together during the day. I was just happy to have the company. It was during supper that John finally inquired about Angie.

Will Angie and the children be joining us then? I would really like not think that I was ambushing her or doing anything similar. Although I really didn’t plan to remain, I’m pleased I did, John remarked.

“That’s absurd! We are family since you are my grandchildren’s father. And unfortunately, I don’t think Angie will come with us today,” I sadly said.

“Oh, that’s disappointing to hear. John said, “You shouldn’t spend your birthday by yourself.

“I’m not alone now, son, thanks to you,” I murmured, taking hold of his hand. “John, thank you.”

“No issue. Would you mind telling me why she didn’t come? or the children, at any rate? They enjoy having time with you, John continued.

“They were meant to arrive, but Angie won’t take my calls. I genuinely don’t know what transpired, but I have no doubt she will contact me again,” I remarked.

“I don’t know what’s going on with her, but she ought to at least drop the kids off. I’m going to call her,” John urged.

To my astonishment, Angie answered the phone when John called her. John later explained to me the reason behind my daughter’s birthday stand-up.

As it happens, the kids, Angie, and her new boyfriend are all on vacation. She kept it from everyone! John told me, clearly distressed.

“Trip? Did she not inform anyone, too? Why would she act in such way? I enquired.

“Patty, your guess is as good as mine. How can she get away with taking my kids and without saying anything? John replied, looking just as confused.

Oh no. This is really disheartening. Furthermore, who is this man? I was even more perplexed as I answered, “I had no idea Angie had a boyfriend.

She had made a casual reference, but an entire vacation? It seems that they had been organizing it for approximately a month. I apologize, Patty, but I think your daughter went too far this time, John stated in a frustrated tone.

I unhappily answered, “Yes, this is disappointing.”

I was shocked to hear the news. Angie could have at least informed me that she wouldn’t be available. I spoke with Angie later. The damage was done, but she said she would see the kids as soon as possible. I was truly saddened, but I will always adore my daughter.

John’s presence thankfully lessened the blow. But Angie’s actions caused a serious wound. I don’t know how to trust her at this point. How should I respond in this circumstance?

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